Neue Berliner Räume’s ‘Stadtschreiber – Berlin in Pictures’

Article by Bárbara Borges de Campos // Jan. 15, 2020

Nomadic project space Neue Berliner Räume’s ‘Stadtschreiber – Berlin in Pictures’ is an ongoing Instagram channel. It gives a platform to photographers to record their personal perspectives on the places, people and stories of Berlin. Starting this weekend, new Stadtschreiberin-in-residence Lena Kunz will be taking over the account.

A Stadtschreiber is a “narrator of cities” and the project hopes to take its viewers through different angles and anecdotes of the city, primarily using photography. Personal and incisive, it has captured the journey of three photographers since its launch in April 2019.

Miguel Brusch: ‘Zehlendorf’, 2019

The first photographer, Miguel Brusch, produced the series ‘From Marienfelde to Lübars, from Zehlendorf to Marzahn.’ Brusch photographed the peripheries of Berlin, documenting the neglected, residential and suburban sides of Berlin.

In July, Matias Sauter took over, collecting moments in an attempt to preserve his memories of living in Berlin. The result is a series of intense and personal portrayals of the people and spaces in the photographer’s day-to-day life.

Matias Sauter: ‘Neukölln Barber’, 2019

Matias Sauter: ‘Geo’, 2019

Anna Tiessen has been the resident Stadtschreiberin since October. Her work documents moments of waiting, and she questions whether these are solitary or communal instances. In works reminiscent of stagings of ‘Waiting for Godot,’ Tiessen portrays people waiting for trains, street-lights: still moments in urban spaces.

Anna Tiessen: ‘2’, 2019

Upcoming Stadtschreiberin Lena Kunz is a social documentary photographer, her work revolves around intimate portrayals of individuals. Through her photography, Kunz questions our limited understanding of individuality within society. The work of this social realist photographer will be featured on the Stadtschreiber Berlin Instagram page until the end of March.

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Anna Tiessen: ‘1’ 2019

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