Open Call for Fem-Spatial Positions

Jan. 23, 2020

The series ‘Feministische Wohngeschichte(n) für die Zukunft. Berlin, Bauhaus und Darüber Hinaus’ (Feminist Housing History(s) for the Future. Berlin, Bauhaus and Beyond) deals with feminist approaches, discussions and practices in architecture, as well as spatial and urban planning, in which gender relations become visible as diverse asymmetrical ideas of living, relationships and professional life. Starting from the pioneers of architecture in the 1920s, the second part will discuss the impacts of the second women’s movement on architecture, living, housing and activism to the present in a contradictory globalized economy, presenting feminist and inclusive alternatives for the future. In addition to the exhibition, an event program with a symposium, film screenings, talks and city tours will take place.

berlinartlink opencall galerie futura

Alpha Nova and Galerie Futura invite all interested artists, designers, scientists, activists, practitioners, students and self-taught individuals to present their existing works or ideas, concepts, designs, plans, utopias, documentations, model projects and urban analyzes of today’s (or tomorrow’s) feminist Berlin.

The selected POSITIONS will be part of a site-specific, space-covering Berlin-fem-MAP and will represent a critical mapping of Berlin’s feminist space (re)production today. For this, in the week from March 14th until March 19, 2020, a cartographic installation will be created together with students from the TU Berlin.

From March 20th until April 25th, the positions will be shown in the gallery space as part of the room installation.

The selected positions receive 150 euros for production costs and 250 euros as an artist fee.

Application Info
Deadline: Jan. 31, 2020

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