Open Call for Art Inside Out Residency in Sweden

Feb. 12, 2020

On an old industrial plot the land was left toxic, a narrow stream marks a social barrier in the city and an old, but covered, garbage dump was left at the coastline. Like wounds left in nature, the land has been left behind while we march on planning for future utopias.

The Art Inside Out residency ‘Disruptions in utopia, land left behind’ aims at an artistic activation of one of three possible sites in the municipality of Falkenberg, Sweden. How can inclusive, speculative and/or critical design and landscape architecture help re-think and re-shape land left behind?

Courtesy Art Inside Out

Art Inside Out is offering a 12-week-long residency for one international artist during 2020 with the following schedule: June 8–19 (research), August 17–October 11 (production), October 12–25 (presentation).

The artist can work individually or in collaboration with the chosen Swedish artist attending the residency.

The artist will receive 13,200 Euro (the artist is responsible to pay applicable taxes in his or her home country) for a 12-week-long residency and an additional production budget of 3,800 Euro. Art Inside Out will cover travel costs and provide the chosen artist with accommodation and workspace.

There will be public presentations of the artistic process during the residency period. The artistic process will be followed and documented in AIO Journal and in the printed AIO Magasin.

The residency holds a particular interest in design and landscape architecture.

Application Info
Deadline: Feb. 28, 2020; 11:59 pm

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