Open Call for Submissions to Weserhalle Auction Fundraiser

Apr. 24, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the way we interact and relate to each other. Quarantined in our homes and respecting the 1.5-meter distance in the supermarket, we are required to put both physical and social distance between ourselves. Yet we also find ways to express solidarity and stay connected to each other. Online platforms provide a myriad of ways to find connections, and we are quickly discovering other inventive strategies to use these platforms to stay united and support each other.

Neukölln art space Weserhalle is inviting artists located in Berlin to submit their work to an online auction with the open theme “still connected.” When submitting their entry, the artist will have an opportunity to choose the percentage of the final sales for donation to the gallery. Weserhalle will use these funds to ensure its ongoing artistic programme. In order to make the art accessible to everyone, there will be no minimum sale price. The auction will take place on May 8–15th online.

Application Info
Deadline: Apr. 26, 2020; 12am

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