Open Call for Artconnect’s ‘Correspondence’ Project

June 15, 2020

With the open call ‘Correspondence’ Artconnect wants to showcase the power of cooperation and collaboration. By celebrating works that involve two or more artists working together, they bring to the forefront the idea that we are better together and unexpected and exciting things happen when we connect with each other.

Two winning projects will receive €250 each, an original, in-depth interview in Artconnect Magazine and be featured on Artconnect’s homepage, with over 200,000 views a month, as well as their social media channels.

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Experienced curator, art consultant and writer, Bruno Silva, who based in Berlin and Southern Italy, describes the theme as follows: “The term correspondence can mean ‘close similarity’ and ‘communication by exchanging letters,’ if we try to combine both meanings, the distance between the correspondents is recognised physically, whilst in immaterial ways, such as ideas, ways of thinking and interests there is an undividable [sic] proximity. The mind denies the physical distance and finds a way to remain in conversation.

Artists can interpret the word ‘correspondence’ freely. I believe that collaborating and influencing each other is always part of artistic production. Even today, no one is living in full isolation. This could be the perfect opportunity to create conditions that artists need to work together and discover how that process of influences and interference can be the space for creating a truly unique and unexpected body of works. I find it fascinating the idea of artists in conversations and that this exchange takes the form of an artwork, as a third entity to this relationship.”

Application Info…/artconnect-open-call-correspondence
Deadline: June 25, 2020; 11:59pm

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