The Art of a Swiss Goodbye at Camp Solong

July 17, 2020

As a way to find momentary refuge from the continuous thrum of city life, Camp Solong is back again for its fourth edition, this time in the lofty and serene mountains of Switzerland. The camp – which aims to rehearse and investigate the process of farewells, personal reset and seriously playful introspection surrounding the art of saying goodbye – will be hosted by Country SALTS from August 28–31, 2020, and is further supported by the Finnland Institut. This three-day summer camp and conceptual retreat for adults is the brainchild of Dafna Maimon and Ethan Hayes-Chute. The two directors are searching for six fellow campers who wish to partake in a collective introspection on the continuous cycle of goodbyes that we must face throughout our lives. The purpose is to revel in endings, as they provide new beginnings, and thus reject stagnation. As a collaborative gesamtkunstwerk, the chosen campers will engage in crafty and fun performances and exercises throughout the program.

Campers during Camp Solong’s 2018 session

Hopeful campers must be over 25 years of age, have a strong interest in the investigation of the procedure of farewells, and send an email with a statement explaining their reasons for wanting to join such a collaborative venture of discovering the art of saying so-long. All campers will be provided with their own bunk complete with everything, including food, that they need for their stay, along with a camp uniform. However, campers must cover the cost of traveling to and from the location, Oberbaselbiet (about 30 kilometers outside of Basel), themselves. In light of the ongoing pandemic, Camp Solong’s directors will also take all measures necessary to ensure the health of campers in this temporary micro-community.

Application Info
Deadline: Aug. 12, 2020; 11:59pm

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