Open call for Cross Award 2020: Production Projects on Territory & Community

July 24, 2020

Cross Award 2020, formed and funded by LIS LAB Performing Arts, seeks 5 new artists for a 15-day residency in Verbania, Italy. Its mission statement is to amass images and artistic practices aimed at rewriting the unfurling of our present reality and, simultaneously, re-appropriating public spaces through production pieces. With this in mind, Cross is specifically seeking out artists with at least three years of experience with production pieces. Artists may be individuals or collectives as well as art groups or companies of either Italian nationality or international backgrounds.

This year’s theme guiding the residencies facilitates an understanding of how artistic creation intermingles with notions of the environment, landscape, territory, and community. Cross invites artists to use their practice as a means of research on our modern-day realities and discover its ability to intervene in the present in a discursive matter. The artists are encouraged to seek out involvement with a multiplicity of artistic practices and multi-linguistic dimensions. Cross’s previous award seasons and residencies have featured productions which include a mixture of media like DJ sets, urban performances and video art.

The benefactors of LIS LAb Performing Arts will cover all accommodation fees of the individuals involved in the production of the projects. Additionally, the performing arts center offers the availability of a technical staff for assistance in production as well as an allocation of 2000 Euros to cover any creative expenses. Tutors providing advice based on their own experiences will also accompany production. Finalists will be announced on November 15th, 2020. The jury will submitted projects based on originality of the piece, usage of multimedia and soundtrack, and tailoring to the overarching theme of territory and community. Winning projects from these multiple residencies will then have the opportunity to present their work at the Cross Festival programming in Verbania in 2020/2021, as well as other venues.

Application Info
Deadline: Sept. 15, 2020; 11:59pm

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