Spatial Listening in Monom’s Sound Sculpture Gallery

Article by Elizabeth Schippers // July 27, 2020

Monom invites quiet listeners to close their eyes and explore their unconscious with their upcoming ‘Sound Sculptures Gallery’ series. This experimental performance venue hosts artists and develops performances that, in their own words, “explore the possibilities of spatial sound as an expressive medium”. The series thinks through this idea of spatial sound, creating, as it were, sound sculptures with their “speaker spatial instrument” at Monom, designed and built by 4dSound. The system provides a flexible tool for artists to translate their soundscapes to sound experiences that are experienced spatially, with a new dimensionality. Sounds appear in the space, seemingly bursting into creation, rather than coming from a speaker in the corner of the room. As the sound manifests spatially, artists are able to create spatial sound sculptures, that the listener, in the absence of any distractions, experiences and “feels” vividly.

Monom: ‘Sound Sculpture Gallery’ Grand Opening // Photo by Becca Crawford

Every weekend of July and August, Monom revisits auditory pieces produced by the Monom team and the artists in residence. A group of 40 listeners comes together to be silently wrapped in darkness while sounds soft, loud, calming and visceral penetrate the mind and soul of each individual. The sessions are two hours and will include two works by past artists in residence Shifted and Rrose. The soundscapes provide a space for the listener to reflect, to challenge internal and external perceptions.

After this complete immersion in the soundscapes, the visitor, having listened so intently, can ease their return to that visually busy outer world by first enjoying a drink in the Monom Lounge and experiencing their curated music selections by Nita and Miro.

Exhibition Info

‘Sound Sculpture Gallery’
Upcoming Sessions: August 01 & 02, 2020; 2–4pm; 4–6pm; 6–8pm; 8–10pm; 10pm–12am (Saturdays only)
Admission: 13,60 Euros
Exhibition: July–Aug, 2020
Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin, click here for map

MONOM, ‘Sound Sculpture Gallery’ Grand Opening // Photo by Becca Crawford

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