An Extended International Creamcake 3hd Festival: ‘Unhumanity’

by Judith Vallette // Aug. 12, 2020

Creamcake has announced the launch of its sixth edition of the 3hd festival in 2020. Creamcake is a Berlin-based platform for artistic positions that center feminism, intersectionality, queerness and decolonization, and artists whose works push through normative social constraints to critique and create a discourse of change. This year’s extended international program ‘Unhumanity’ will kick off at Berlin’s Schloss Biesdorf on August 15th, with a performance titled ‘Luglio’ by Annamaria Ajmone & Felicity Mangan, as well as a live music set by Marshall Vincent and a DJ set by Jessica Ekomane. The first event at Schloss Biesdorf continues Ajmone and Mangan’s extemporaneous reworkings of the private dialogue between a dancer and a sound artist. Responding to the resident bat colony of the enchanted park surrounding the neoclassical-style palace, the duo hold and remodel the morphing psychographic and immediate landscape surrounding them. Further international programming will begin at other global locations on August 20th and last till January 31, 2020.

Image by Eva Papamargariti

‘Unhumanity’’s programming focuses on major contemporary issues: how climate change and the global pandemic have shifted our conceptualization of the norm. The festival aims to cast attention on our ongoing transition from an unsustainable past toward an unclear future. The event foregrounds the interconnectedness between technological, artistic and environmental actors. Programming and participatory artists will thus aim to consider mankind’s ambiguous relationship to nature. The current global state of affairs has led Creamcake to rethink its own infrastructure, goals and objectives and to rewire the way they work with the artists and collaborators, formats and institutions within their existing network.

Creamcake's 3HD Festival 'UNHUMANITY'

Alice Yuan Zhang: Plant Portrait

While Berlin is set to see 3hd events occurring from November 3rd–7th at HAU and Galerie im Körnerpark, this year differs from other iterations of the festival in that the international extended program ‘ECO-centers’ will allow for concurrent events in different places worldwide, including Los Angeles, Milan, Norway and more, with both online and offline happenings. We can expect to witness a wide range of events, from DJ sets, concerts, films and recordings to performances, audio-visual experimentations and VR experiences: all of which desire the explosion and dismantling of reality in their respective ways. Alice Yuan Zhang will take part in the 3hd festival on the opposite side of the Atlantic in Los Angeles, where she contrasts the sacredness of the natural and the potential of human-made environments. In Berlin, Isabel Lewis will showcase her sensorially engaging multi-dimensional experiences. Other participants in the expanded program—including Lars TCF Holdhus, Isabel Lewis, Huntrezz, Rory Pilgrim, and Jenna Sutela—will consider and observe new modes of multispecies communication and notions of care for non-human forms. In redefining our relationship with nature, they will seek innovative ways of exploring the environment. ‘Unhumanity’ will also include work by DJ Paypal, Claude Eigan, Huntrezz, Emilie Palmelund & Oli XL, Eva Papamargariti, Joanna Pope, Tea Stražičić and Alexander Kaye.

Event Info

Festival: Aug. 15, 2020–Jan. 31, 2021
Various Locations

Exhibition Info

Annamaria Ajmone and Felicity Mangan: ‘Luglio’
+ Live set by Marshall Vincent and Jessica Ekomane
Performance: Aug. 15, 2020; 5–8:30pm
Register here:
Alt-Biesdorf 55, 12683 Berlin, click here for map

Creamcake's 3HD Festival: 'UNHUMANITY'

Courtesy Isabel Lewis

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