Open Call for Artist Residency at Schloss Ringenberg

May 4, 2021

Schloss Ringenberg is opening the second round of the Ringenberg scholarship. With its spacious residential studios, the residence center offers unique conditions for testing agile forms of work, interdisciplinary exchange and interaction with the local community. The Ringenberg scholarship addresses transmedial and participatory artist collectives and project groups that want to explore the interaction of art and current social challenges in the discourse of co-production.

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The three-month residency starts on September 1st and ends on November 30th, 2021. Artists who take up a residential studio at the castle are asked to stay in Ringenberg for the duration of the residency. Co-producers and invited experts who do not, can make temporary use of a guest apartment by arrangement. Scholarships for collectives include €1800 per scholarship holder/month, up to a maximum of four scholarship holders or maximum €7200 per month for collectives with more than four scholarship holders in maximum four residential studios. The residency includes rent-free residential studios (70-100 m2) with bathroom and kitchen, use of a guest apartment for additional project partners, two presentation rooms in the residence center, reimbursement of travel expenses for the one-time arrival and departure (max. four people), support in finding local partners, regional manufacturers and production sites, networking events, qualification program, public relations and final documentation within the framework of BORDERLAND RESIDENCIES.

Applications are open to artists and curators in interdisciplinary collectives and project groups who live, work or were born in North Rhine-Westphalia or in the Euregio border region. There is no age limit. Re-application for former scholarship holders is excluded. Applicants are requested to submit a completed application form, a short project outline (max. 3000 characters) describing the thematic focus, the artistic research interest, the planned working group and its participatory working method, and CV with exhibition list of the last five years.

In the second half of June, a jury will select up to four scholarship holders and a maximum of two collectives from the project applications, with a maximum requirement of four studios and the guest apartment.

Application Info
Deadline: June 15, 2021

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