Giveaway: An Homage to Italian Modernist Architect Gio Ponti

May 7, 2021

Italian architect, industrial designer, furniture designer, artist, teacher, writer and publisher Gio Ponti is well-known for his contributions to Italy’s mid-century Renaissance and the modernist values it sought to realize. Created in close collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives and its founder Salvatore Licitra, the new release from Taschen, entitled ‘Gio Ponti,’ is an immersive book scaled to his kaleidoscopic universe, featuring texts by Lisa Licitra Ponti and an extensive biographical essay by Stefano Casciani.

Taschen: ‘Gio Ponti’, inside cover // Courtesy of Taschen

The new book is the most comprehensive account of Ponti’s work to date, unprecedented in scale and scope. It tracks the development of his oeuvre over six decades, with 136 projects indexed and reproduced in high resolution, each object framed by the context in which Ponti had created it. Like windows onto his elusive life, unpublished materials and candid imagery create new dialogues between his famous masterpieces and his lesser-known feats.

As the founder and director of the magazine Domus, and through his participation in exhibitions such as the Milan Triennial, Ponti was an enthusiastic advocate of an Italian-style art of living and a major player in the renewal of Italian design after the Second World War.

Taschen: ‘Gio Ponti’, inside spread // Courtesy of Taschen

The book is also available as an Art Edition (No. 1–1,000) including an exclusive, square format reproduction of the Arlecchino coffee table and a set of four numbered ocean liner interior prints. For your chance to win a copy of ‘Gio Ponti,’ follow the instructions below to enter our giveaway.

Giveaway Instructions

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Taschen: ‘Gio Ponti’, book cover // Courtesy of Taschen

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