Cutting-Edge Dance Performances at Tanz im August 2021

July 16, 2021

The 33rd edition of Tanz im August, Berlin’s annual international dance festival, will spread throughout the city from August 6th to 22nd. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience 70 performances, including six world and seven German premieres, at various venues. Here are some of our highlights.

In 2013, choreographer Constanza Macras | DorkyPark created a performative forest walk that thematized the world’s deepening economic and ecological crises. With ‘Stages of Crisis,’ taking place on August 13th and 14th at the Gärten der Welt (Arena), she develops this piece further and imagines it in a supermarket where products are the ultimate counterpoint to nature.

Choy Ka Fai: ‘CosmicWander: Expedition’

Choreographer, singer and author Dorothée Munyaneza will gather on the stage of Volksbühne on August 14th and 15th with five women artists—African or of African descent—united by their stories of adversity and resilience. Interweaving their distinct voices in her performance titled ‘Mailles,’ Munyaneza captures the beauty of an undefeated feminine force of creation.

Moving between utopia and realism, ‘Archipelago’ (August 20th–22nd at MaHalla) speaks of a species searching for togetherness. Inspired by a post-apocalyptic vision of neo-humanoid presence exploring biological symbioses and rituals of collective coexistence, choreographer Stephanie Thiersch and composer Brigitta Muntendorf bring architecture, dance and music into a new alliance.

For his ongoing project, Choy Ka Fai ventured across Asia to study and film the spiritual practices and shamanic dance cultures of different peoples and communities. The exhibition ‘CosmicWander: Expedition’ at KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst (August 6th–9th) presents the artist’s research to date via his immersive installation meshing new technologies with ancient rituals.

With ‘Fionde’ (August 6th–9th), performing artist and choreographer Chiara Bersani asks whether a premiere can take place in the intimacy of one’s home. With a performative object delivered to you by post, she explores new types of connections between art and spectators. Drawing from the uncertainties and isolation of the past year and created in collaboration with composer Ilaria Lemmo, ‘Fionde’ invites you to develop rituals for processing emotions.

Another part of the program to be experienced from home is Tora Mkandawire Mårtens’ film ‘Martha & Niki’, which will be shown from August 6th–9th in the frame of the program Urban Feminism 2021. The film follows Martha Nabwire and Niki Tsappos, the first two women named world champ­ions in hip-hop at an international street ­dance competition, depicting their love for dance, their unique bond and their desires.

As one of the major festivals for contemporary dance in Europe, which traditionally presents some of the most cutting-edge contemporary dance artists and choreographies, Tanz im August is sure to bring memorable experiences to the Berlin audience this summer.

Festival Info

Tanz im August

Dance Festival: Aug. 6–22, 2021
Various Locations in Berlin

Constanza Macras and DorkyPark: ‘Stages of Crisis’

Premiere: Friday, Aug. 13, 2021; 8–10:30pm
Performances: Aug. 13–14, 2021…/constanza-macras
Gärten der Welt, Blumberger Damm 44, 12685 Berlin, click here for map

Dorothée Munyaneza, Compagnie Kadidi: ‘Mailles’

Premiere: Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021; 7–8pm
Performances: Aug. 14–15, 2021…/dorothee-munyaneza
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Wilhelminenhofstraße 76, 12459 Berlin, click here for map

Stephanie Thiersch & Brigitta Muntendorf: ‘Archipelago – A Spectacle of Blending’

Premiere: Friday, Aug. 20, 2021; 8:30–10pm
Performances: Aug. 20–22, 2021…/stephanie-thiersch-brigitta-muntendorf
MaHalla, Wilhelminenhofstraße 76, 12459 Berlin, click here for map

Choy Ka Fai: ‘CosmicWander: Expedition’

Exhibition: Aug. 6–22, 2021; 12-8pm…/choy-ka-fai
KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin, click here for map

Tora Mkandawire Mårtens: ‘Martha & Niki’

Online Screening: Aug. 6–22, 2021…/ayelen-parolin

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