Photo Diary: Art Basel 2021

by Esenija Bannan // Sept. 24, 2021

We visited the preview of Art Basel’s 2021 edition in Switzerland this week, where over 250 galleries presented works by their represented artists in the context of the world-renowned art fair, both on-site and online. In addition to the fair booths, the ‘Unlimited’ sector of Art Basel offered an impressive display of works, curated by Giovanni Carmine this year. Since its introduction to Art Basel in 2000, ‘Unlimited’ showcases monumental works that transcend the confines of the booth’s three walls, including large-scale sculptures, video projections, wall paintings and performance art, among other media.

For the sixth year, Samuel Leuenberger—founder of exhibition space SALTS in Birsfelden, Switzerland—has curated the peripheral ‘Parcours’ program as part of Art Basel, which engages with the city center through a series of sculptures, interventions, and performances in public space. Hopping between the fair and the program in the wider city of Basel, we photographed some of our favorite scenes of this year’s event, which is open to the public from September 24th-26th.

Monster Chetwynd, installation and performance at Art Basel 2021

Monster Chetwynd, installation and performance at Art Basel 2021

Francesco Clemente: ‘The Senses (Sight, Taste, Hearing), 2000, Art Basel Unlimited

Meleko Mokgosi: ‘Bread, Butter, and Power’, 2018, Art Basel Unlimited 2021

Kris Lemsalu: ‘Holy Hell O’, 2018, Art Basel Unlimited 2021

Melike Kara: ‘peeling words’, 2018, Art Basel Unlimited 2021

Nairy Baghramian and Damián Ortega, installation view kurimanzutto at Art Basel 2021

Klára Hosnedlová, installation view at Allgemeine Gewerbeschule Basel, Art Basel Parcours 2021

Augustas Sarafinas, installation view at UBS Geschäftsstelle Basel, Art Basel Parcours 2021

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