Open Call for Rietzer Berg Artist Residency

Dec. 17, 2021

The Landscape and Art Association at Rietzer Berg is offering a residency to artists who are interested in dedicating some time exclusively to the arts. The residency, which has been named Hermitage, offers full residency on the property and is open to artists of all disciplines.

The association invites any dedicated individual who explores the visual or performing arts and music to apply for the residency. There are no restrictions based on age or background. Interested individuals should apply to the association with a one-page description of their art, information on their background and their most suitable dates for the residency.

Residency with The Landscape and Art Association at Rietzer Berg 2021

The selected artist will not receive any financial compensation, however, they are invited to live and work in a tasteful one-bedroom home that is located on the property.

Rietzer Berg is located 80km west of Potsdam and 8km south of Brandenburg/Havel. The Hermitage property itself is located in the midst of an area called “Bödeker’s Infinity”, an area of 36,000 meters which is in the process of becoming a forest garden. The surrounding grounds include a stunning array of paths, caves, animals, pools and other natural inspirations for the artist to draw upon. Their created artwork can remain on the property or else be taken home with the individual once the residency has ended.

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