Open Call for Proposals for New Berlin Art Space Xanadu

Dec. 17, 2021

Xanadu is a new space in Berlin for screening artists’ moving image work. Based in the former space of Horse & Pony (which will continue operations in the basement), Xanadu is seeking proposals for its 2022–2023 program. The space is open to all manner of proposals that can make use of the spatial and technical infrastructure, including one-off programmed or monographic screenings, screening series, talks, conversations and other time-based formats.

Xanadu will be directed by Carrick Bell, one half of the team responsible for Horse & Pony, so you can look at Horse & Pony’s archive to get an idea of the kinds of work they’ve previously shown.

Funding for 2022 is not secured, which means the space will be run on a volunteer basis. Depending on each event, door donations/bar sales can be split between artists and the space, but since these are fickle income streams, proposals should not be dependent on them. If your proposal is accepted, Xanadu is more than happy to assist with applications for funding.

For screening programs, 1) videos should be supplied with captions, and 2) videos should be available online (password-protected and time restricted, if necessary) so that people for whom the space isn’t accessible can view them.

While Xanadu is particularly interested in promoting the huge number of talented and underrepresented artists in Berlin, there are no limitations (geographic or otherwise) on who can submit a proposal.

Proposals can be submitted at any time, but guaranteed consideration of proposals for 2022-2023 should arrive by February 1st. After this, proposals will be considered on a rolling basis until the announcement of the next open call.

To apply, please compile a PDF with all of the below information and send to with “2022-2023 Open Call” and your screening or event title in the subject line.

The PDF should include: A screening/series title or artist name for reference (please match the PDF filename to this); Names of all participants, and contact details for the primary contact. Please indicate the role of each participant (programmer, exhibiting artist, reader, etc); A synopsis of the proposal (100 words max); A complete proposal (500 words max); A selection of work to be included: for group presentations, please include the work intended for the screening, for monographic screenings, please submit representative works from the artist, or if you’re proposing an event that isn’t screening-based, please submit whatever material is most representative of the work intended for the space.

Application Info
Deadline: Feb. 1, 2022

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