Open Call for ‘Anonymous Drawings’

Mar. 1, 2022

How are our judgments about art affected by our knowledge of the artist’s name and background? How is the value of a drawing determined? Where is the border between art and non-art? These are some of the questions driving the Berlin-based project Anonymous Drawings since its first edition in 2006 launched by artist Anke Becker. Now, after a long pandemic-induced break, the project returns with an invitation to artists to submit their works online and an announcement of the exhibition to take place during summer at Galerie im Körnerpark.

Anonymous Drawings is both conceptual art and exhibition project. Every participating artist becomes part of a collective work of art where hierarchies are entirely absent. The exhibition features 500 anonymized drawings by 500 international artists, offered for sale at a symbolic price of €250 each. The artist’s identity is revealed only after the work is sold. The price is not to be seen as a real market price, but as a conceptual placeholder for any conceivable amount.

Exhibitiion room with green walls and many drawings placed on them

Anonymous Drawings 2018, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin // Photo: Jochen Wermann

The artworks are chosen through an international open call for submissions. There are no guidelines specifying content; the only requirement is that the drawings are no bigger than the A3 format. The final selection of works is made on the basis of anonymized image files. Information like age, biography or gender will not be requested or considered as a deciding factor. Everyone is eligible and the participation is free of charge.

Some of the previous works can be seen and purchased through Anonymous Drawings Archive—a collection of more than 1000 drawings donated by artists supporting the project. It changes continuously with every sale and new call for participation.

To participate in this year’s edition, submit your drawing through the online form by March 27th, free of charge.

Exhibition & Application Info

Anonymous Drawings 2022

Exhibition: June 18–Aug. 31, 2022
Opening reception: June 17, 2022
Galerie im Körnerpark, Schierker Straße 8, 12051 Berlin, click here for map

Application Info

Deadline: Mar. 27, 2022; midnight CET

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