Open Call for Proposals for Berliner Ensemble’s Project ‘Spielräume’

Mar. 4, 2022

Berliner Ensemble (BE) and the Komische Oper Berlin (KOB) announce an open call for proposals for the collaborative project ‘Spielräume.’ Submitted proposals should be artistic projects that create new formats of theatrical experience in sustainable and innovative ways using digital technologies.

Courtesy of Berliner Ensemble

Specifically, the BE and KOB are seeking formats that combine the analogue and digital spheres while producing a staged narrative work with actors, singers and/or musicians that also incorporates the live theatre experience. The focus is on formats that can be considered hybrids, amalgamating the analogue tools of theatre and opera with new digital technologies. The preference is for large-format artistic projects that can be realised in a way that involves the ensembles of the BE and the KOB. The resulting production does not have to be suitable for the repertoire, but can also be a temporary installation or a one-off event (that does not necessarily have to conform to the usual time frame of a theatre performance). The production can be realised on the premises of the Berliner Ensemble, but public or other spaces are also conceivable locations. Ideally, the format should be accessible to as wide an audience as possible (installations for individuals or small audiences should be avoided where possible). There are no specifications regarding subject matter: a narrative exploration of contemporary issues and material is as acceptable as research projects, the interpretation of classic works or a critique of the technologies applied.

Written applications should contain a brief description of the project (max. 1 page), a summary of anticipated expenditure (max. 1 page) and the biographies of the artists and/or groups involved (max. 1 page). Descriptions should be sent digitally in the form of a single PDF, if necessary with links to videos or other attachments, to the following address:

A production budget of €120,000 (gross) is awarded for the winning proposal.

Application Info
Deadline: Mar. 31, 2022

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