Open Call for the School of Kindness

Mar. 18, 2022

Returning for its second edition, the School of Kindness is inviting artists, writers, poets, performers, scholars, researchers and activists to apply, participate and engage in a two-and-a-half week programme of practical and theoretical experimentation. Taking place in and around Sofia, Bulgaria, the programme will focus on social and cultural narratives of migration and displacement and develop emancipatory tools to confront economic, cultural and political inequality and antagonism in Europe through theoretical and practical artistic learning. The “undisciplined” performative, educational and discursive programme will take place from June 23rd to July 10, 2022.

This year’s edition will focus on the notion of the “barbarian.” Understanding the concept as someone or something who both doesn’t meet and exceeds dominant social, cultural or juridical norms, the programme aims to delve deeper into issues of inclusion and exclusion, of citizenship and rights, of homeland, heritage and otherness.

a poster that reads "Mom, am I barbarian?' school of kindness open call with a hybrid human animal figure in the background

The School of Kindness is open to anyone interested and motivated to participate, however applications are particularly encouraged from early career artists and other young professionals working in culture, education and / or social organisation with a migrant background, participants from disadvantaged communities, especially Bulgarian-Turks and Roma, and participants from LGBTQIA+ communities. The programme is additionally intended for those who work from experiences of individual or collective trauma.

For this edition, the tuition fee for the complete programme is 350 Euros. For participants from Bulgaria and south-east European countries, as well as the global south, the tuition fee for the complete programme is 350 BGN (approx. 175 Euros). The fee needs to be paid before entering the programme. All motivated participants are encouraged to apply, even if faced with funding difficulties. Participants will need to finance their own travel to Bulgaria and stay in Sofia for the 17-day duration. Two excursions to Vitosha mountain and the village of Brestnitsa are included in the programme, as well as home-cooked, plant-based daily meals for low prices. Participants are expected to be present for the full period and give a (semi-public) presentation during the programme.

The School of Kindness is organised by Æther Sofia, a self-organised platform for exhibitions, discussions, community gathering, experimentation, workshops and publishing in Sofia, Bulgaria. Æther partners with LGBT+, anti-fascist and human rights organizations in Bulgaria to oppose anti-democratic developments, specifically issues regarding violence against women, hate speech, same-sex marriage and discrimination of minority groups.

To apply, applicants should send a letter of motivation, a biography and a selection of works to

Application Info
Deadline: Apr. 15, 2022

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