Open Call for XR History Award 2022

Apr. 5, 2022

The XR History Award is initiated by Körber-Stiftung and VRHAM! Festival e.V. to honour innovative work that uses immersive technology in order to explore history in digital ways. Eligible are artists and artist groups working in Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality and Immersive Media Experiences that deal with history, history education or cultural commemoration in documentary, narrative or artistic forms. Submitted projects should be accessible to an English-speaking audience. The winning project will be selected by a jury of international experts and receive an award of €5,000.

Please note that while ficitonalized perspectives are permitted, they should be based on verifiable sources. Works that distort history are explicitly excluded from the award.

open call graphic for XR History Award 2022

Körber-Stiftung has been involved in critical discussions about German and European history for 50 years. The programme eCommemoration aims to understand history and memory digitally—dealing with a multi-perspective, critical and nuanced culture of commemoration in digital spaces.

VRHAM! is the world’s first festival exhibiting VR-artists and their artworks. Only a few years after its foundation, VRHAM! is already established as an important date in the international VR art scene.

For detailed submission guidelines please visit the VHRAM! website. Artist and artist groups are invited to use the online application to submit their work. Applications may only be submitted in English.

Application Info
Deadline: Apr. 30, 2022

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