Open Call for Ortstermin Art Festival 2022 in Moabit

Apr. 14, 2022

In 2022, Ortstermin invites artists across all disciplines to add their many voices and help shape Moabit’s summer art festival, running from August 26th to 28th. Following the artistic focal points of the past two years—drawing social boundaries and the possibility of a “reset”—this year is all about becoming active again and taking a loud stance.

The Kunstverein Tiergarten calls on all interested artists to address the different frequencies and visual possibilities of the idea “sound | loud,” expressed in the single German word “laut / Laut”—to explore in onomatopoeic manner the dynamics of color, sound, notes and noise as a polyphonic fabric and as an appeal designed to be heard.

Ortstermin 2021, ‘reset’ // Photo by Michael Zeeh

A sound is both noise and the smallest acoustic unit in language: it is a sensory perception, an auditory and physical phenomenon and a metaphorical description. Art, music, and protest culture get loud to express rebellion: people raise their voices, they shout, complain, warn and argue resoundingly to break through resistance and make themselves heard.

The question as to why we’re raising our voices can also serve as the subject of artistic work. What opportunities do artists have to make themselves heard? Being loud means raising awareness and fighting for one’s rights. On the other hand, what happens to all the sounds, the shouts, the singing that fade away unheard and without echo? Can you preserve an outcry and display it in a museum? What spaces of resonance does a sound require in order to be heard and understood? How loud or how quiet does art have to be to resonate?

‘better loud’ calls for becoming loud(er) again, for being present and enriching Moabit once more with festival works and, in doing so, ensuring that art and artists are neither crossed off the list, forgotten, neglected, starved by sanctions nor ignored, during or after a crisis.

Application Info
Deadline: May 15, 2022

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