Open Call for Art in the Underground 2022/23

June 13, 2022

Art in the Underground – New Urban Publics edition is calling on artists to propose new works for urban space that address changes in contemporary social practices. The project will focus on and examine the qualities, limitations and possibilities of the city and its public spaces through various artistic works with submissions exploring new ground through speculative approaches or existing reactivate strategies.

two women stood on the platform of an underground station looking at an artwork on the wall

Sasha Amaya: ‘Neophyte,’ 2021, installation view of ‘Kunst im Untergrund 2021: as above, so below’ // Photo by Adam Naparty

This year’s Art in the Underground will focus on three sites, each of which is connected to a Berlin underground station: Kottbusser Tor, Strausberger Platz, and Rotes Rathaus. These city squares occupy three very different places in Berlin’s history and will serve as points of departure for artistic interventions and reflections on social practices and their evolution.

The competition is designed to encourage local and international artists and artist groups to develop invitations to thought, incentives, usages, action-oriented instructions and practices or alternative spaces that generate new social practices or reactivate existing ones. The works may take a wide variety of forms and formats, such as audio walks, guided tours, performances and concerts or use media that connect urban and digital space via virtual reality, augmented reality or comparable applications, as well as posters, sculptures and other non-invasive long-term

In order to apply, applicants must submit a presentation of their design, a short text summarising the concept, a written explanation which describes the intention of the work and includes information about materials and presentation formats, an informative image of the artistic design, a list of costs, an artist’s declaration, a list of submitted documents and a copy of their identity card or registration confirmation. Submissions must be made in German or English and all documents are to be submitted in digital form to

Applications will be judged on their artistic concept, connection to the location, societal relevance and link to current political debates on the city, technical feasibility and the taking of site conditions into account, environmental compatibility, sustainability and adherence to budget.

For the realisation of up to eight works, a total of 64,000 Euros including VAT is available, plus an additional 3,500 Euros including VAT for the artist’s fee in each case.

Application Info
Deadline: Aug. 8, 2022

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