Open Call for Digital Art Festival in Brazil

Sept. 30, 2022

The Festival of Digital Art (FAD) and the Biennial of Digital Art return in 2022 and is currently accepting submissions for its second edition. The biennial will take place in Rio de Janeiro between November 5, 2022 and January 22, 2023 at Oi Futuro in Flamengo. The event is sponsored by Oi, with incentives from the Department of Culture and Creative Economy and the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro. This year’s theme is ‘Conditions of Existence,’ which deals with the changes that have occurred in the different spheres of our daily “living” after the Covid pandemic.

Brazilian and foreign artists, creators, researchers, thinkers, and producers from different fields related to the main theme can submit to this call. The registration may be individual or collective (in this case the registration should be made by one of the members of the group). The material submitted will be selected by the organizing committee of the biennial.

Eligible formats include audiovisual performances such as video mapping, visual music, dance performance, among others. Virtual or hybrid-format exhibitions as well as audiovisual installations of technological art such as sound Art, video art, interactive installations, data visualization, etc. are also eligible. Artists or artist groups can also submit interactive public interventions or propose workshops with a duration of up to four hours. Additionally, for the FAD International Symposium, proposals for lectures, panels, presentation of studies, scientific and conceptual essays, and research results will be considered.

Every submission must be done through the digital form.

Application Info
Deadline: Oct. 20, 2022

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