Visual Essay: Göksu Kunak

Oct. 31, 2022

I told him. I told him that his troops must withdraw from Kuwait. We’re allies with the West. I now feel like the UN resolutions for Iraq to get out of Kuwait has to be by force.

Here is a nation which East meets West

give me a world that doesn’t get dark at sunset
give me a land the enemy’s hand does not reach
give me a person who doesn’t have a feeling of hate
give me a society that doesn’t separate you from me

Memory is an interesting phenomenon. Every time a coup d’etat happens, I think of that. A coup d’etat is like a deja-vu for some parts of the world. You see it’s happening and remember that it’s happened before and it’s happening right now. It’s like this black cat passing by and then you’re like, I was here before. Is it a glitch in Matrix or is it just a coup d’etat? Maybe… Maybe, I’m over thinking; it’s just a coup d’etat.

How much do you earn?

How much is it today?
How much are you?

Iyi kizlar cennete, kötü kizlar heryere, citir kizlar nereye, nerelere giderler?

If they would have arrested the pop singers, instead of the journalists, there would have been a big riot in that country—I mean in USA, of course. Think about it: Lady Gaga and Beyonce in jail. For real!

In the year 1980 Turkey participated in the Eurovision Song Contest with a love song to gasoline, PETROL sung by the diva Ajda Pekkan. Today 1 Euro is 18,54 Turkish Liras. In 2020, the peak of the year was 9.95 Turkish Liras.

Do not keep it to yourself. Remain Alert 🙂

Have a safe day!

Oh (oh!)
The damage is done, so I guess I be leaving
Oh (oh!)
The damage is done, so I guess I be leaving
Oh (oh!)
The damage is done, so I guess I be leaving

This visual essay is part of our feature topic ‘OIL.’

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