Open Call for Virtual Reality Exhibition ‘Habitat 3000’

Feb. 21, 2023

Multidisciplinary artist collective Las Maleantas is calling for visual artists to take part in ‘Habitat 3000,’ a virtual reality exhibition of interactive ecosystems. The project is based on a research collaboration between sound artist Arnau Montserrat and the artists selected, and focuses on finding meaningful ways to combine virtual reality art together with sound art. Montserrat will be designing all sound elements to accompany the artists’ visions: a collaboration that is meant to promote artistic experimentation and envision alternative conscious futures, resulting in metaverses that will come to life through forms of gamification, immersion and interaction with the audience.

The prerequisites for participation include experience with 3D computer graphics software (e.g. Blender, Unity, Occulus Integration); capability to create user-interactivity; conceptual coherence and team spirit. The proposal should be guided by the question: “Please describe how you imagine the ecosystems of the future in an optimistic way. How would nature and society adapt? What is the role of humans, animals and plants in this new environment?”

Las Maleantes will choose between two to three digital artists or artistic groups to work with. Their team will curate the projects, design the infrastructure of the virtual reality environment, and arrange the location of each artist’s work. Additionally, Las Maleantes will assist in technical questions and concerns. Each participant will receive €900 for their contribution. The shortlist will be announced in March 2023 and the final project presentation will be in mid-April.

Application Info
Deadline: Mar. 06, 2023

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