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Art Fair // 1.54 at Somerset House: Contemporary African Art


Article by William Kherbek in Berlin // Oct. 10, 2016
The experience of contemporary African art is as diverse and various as the experience of the continent itself. The 1.54 Art Fair at Somerset House is a wide-ranging survey of the modalities of cultural expression from young African artists as well as historical giants…[read on]

Street Talk: Yonamine’s ‘PARLA_MUTE’

portrait of a black Angolan artist sitting in front of his collages
by Matteo Calla // Nov. 8, 2022
‘PARLA_MUTE,’ the current show by Angolan artist Yonamine at Michael Janssen Gallery in Berlin, confronts the viewer with an inversion. Stepping into the gallery space, hidden from the…[read on]

The Faux Reality of Andy Kassier

A man in white trousers and pink pullover walking into a shop whose windows have been covered with adhesive vinyl with the words "read that twice" on it
by Alice O’Brien // May 17, 2022
Sharp, small, but sweet, ‘read that twice’ is a layered and ironic assessment of the modern-day value system. Though limited in size, it possesses the potential to leave each visitor with…[read on]