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THE WEEK April 2–8, 2018

Openings & events at Decad Gallery, District Berlin, Galerie Thomas Fischer, HKW Haus der Kultururen der Welt, Akademie der Künste, Salon Dahlmann, Maxim Gorki Theater, nGbK neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Liszt, Galerie Mario Mazzoli,…[read on]

Interview // Lucrecia Dalt at CTM Festival 2018

Berlin Art Link review of Lucrecia Dalt, CTM 2018

Article by Diane Barbé in Berlin // Feb. 7, 2018
Colombian producer and pop surrealist Lucrecia Dalt deals in restless, cerebral electronics. Trained as a civil engineer with a specialty in geotechnics, Dalt has released five solo albums since 2006 and has also worked on[read on]