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Event // Residency Unlimited Funraiser

Blog post by Sarah Gretsch – in Berlin; Monday, July 15, 2013.

New York based Residency Unlimited (RU) is hosting its annual Funraiser and giving you lots of incentives to participate. Three types of tickets to the event help to support Residency Unlimited’s projects and reward you with three forms of prizes. …[read on…]

Artist Trong Gia Nguyen plays in his “Mann Cave”

Trong Gia Nguyen "Win, Win" (2013) Mirror, wood, paint

Blog post by Sarah Gretsch – in Berlin; Saturday, Apr. 06, 2013.

On April 25th opens a show in Frankfurt called “Mann Cave” by the artist Trong Gia Nguyen. Though not in our neighborhood, the show is worth noting and the artist even more so. Filled with allusions that deepen the harder you look or the more you learn, Nguyen’s artworks blur the line between…[read on…]