The Four Elements // A Berlin Art Link Exclusive

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Rachel de Joode’s artistic intention is to decipher human existence in absurd and surreal ways. Exclusively for Berlin Art Link readers, de Joode has created the curiously funny and poetic photo series “The Four Elements”. In her readings of earth, wind, fire and water, she continues to “portray the otherworldliness” of some of the more banal and overlooked objects in our everyday lives.What happens when objects are disconnected from their original contexts? What “otherworldliness” emerges in her repositioning and constellation-constructing?

Rachel de Joode: Water; 2011 // Rachel de Joode: Earth; 2011

Rachel de Joode: Fire; 2011 // Rachel de Joode: Wind; 2011

There is only one way to find out. All photos are printed on Pearl Fine Art Photo Paper, 40×60 cm each. This four-photo series is a limited edition of 25; all prints are signed and numbered. Individual prints cost EUR 250,–. The complete series is available for EUR 950,–.

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