An Interview with Frank Ekeberg: ‘No Man’s Land’

Drawing on natural ecosystems for inspiration and material, Frank Ekeberg’s audio compositions have a cyclical quality akin to the habitats they capture. Field recordings play a crucial role in Ekerberg’s practice and, for him, an environment’s sound quality reflects its overall health. Ekeberg’s sound piece ‘No Man’s Land’ is part of the current exhibition ‘The White, the Green, and the Dark: Contemporary Positions from Norway’ presented by the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin. Tracing the extinction of natural pollinators from the rainforest of Norway, ‘No Man’s Land’ is a critical reflection on the rapid and devastating effects of climate change in the region. We spoke to Ekeberg about this work, as well as his evolving practice and the process behind his audio compositions.

Video by MONA, Produced by Monica Salazar, Filmed and Edited by Peter Cairns

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