Studio Visit with Hulda Rós Guðnadóttir

For Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir the world is a community of people, including their surroundings and movements through time and space. Born in Reykjavik and based in Berlin, Gudnadóttir's work ‘Keep Frozen: The Documentary’ chronciles the lives of men who, in the span of 48 hours, unload 20,000 25-kilo crates of fish in Reykjavik’s harbor at minus 35 degrees Celsius. The documentary is a continuation of her film ‘Keep Frozen’ (2010–16), which explored ports along the Atlantic coast from her hometown to Essaouria, Morocco and Red Hook, Brooklyn. We visited the artist in her studio to speak about the creation of ‘Keep Frozen: The Documentary’ and her practice at large.

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