Pret a Diner: This is not a pop-up restaurant. This is a dining experience.

by Clare Ros, photos by Monica Salazar // Feb. 6, 2011

The BAL team had the pleasure of experiencing Pret A Diner this week. As we walked through the candle-lit underground corrider towards the bar and restaurant, the feeling of anticipation grew that something special was waiting for us at the end. From the atmosphere, to the food, to the decor and artwork, a memorable dining experience was inevitable.

Serving up sumptuous menus by celebrity chef Bernhard Munding (Dos Palillos), and Michelin-starred chefs Matthias Schmidt (of Villa Merton in Frankfurt) and Wahibi Nouri (of Piment in Hamburg), Pret A Diner offers a uniquely decadent dining experience, infused with bold design, attention-worthy art curation and a saucy designer boutique.

Presented in the Alte Münze, the former Berlin Mint building facilitates this impressive dining production. With menus printed in zine format appetizers served on stones, a selection of flea market furniture and late-night after parties the temporary canteen is definitely worth a visit before it closes its doors on February 28th.

Local art dealer, Ulf Saupe and designer, Olivia Steele cooperated on The Melting Pot’s site-specific art program for the basement and restaurant. Together, they hand-picked works of contemporary international artists, not only meant to stimulate and create a linear atmosphere, but also to encourage discussion and exchange amongst guests. Curated through the hallways and bunkers of the Alte Münze, the program integrates itself seamlessly into this stylish, yet accessible environment. More information about the artwork and the artists, as well as personal tours through the building are available upon request at the shop upstairs or by asking any staff member.

Artists presented, Pret a Diner
Melissa Steckbauer
J.M. Pozo
Thomas Bachler
Ulrich Vogl
Tom Gefken
Olivia Steele
Ralk Majewska
Ulf Saupe
Mimi Laurenti
Max Wiedemann

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