LEAP: Protocol Inaugural Exhibition

Article by Monica Salazar // March 17, 2011

Yet another exhibition space opened this weekend in Berlin. LEAP, an interdisciplinary project created by Daniel Franke, Kai Kreuzmueller and John McKiernan, combines Art, Science, and Technology with the goal of pushing the boundaries set by conventional exhibition spaces.

For their inaugural exhibition, Protocol, they displayed an impressively curated show with an variety of installation and video pieces. Included, was an enthralling video piece by Reynold Reynolds, Letzter Tag der Republik (Last Day of the Republic), a two channel HD video projection, transferred from 16mm documenting the demolition of the Palast der Republik (Palace of the Republic) in Berlin.

“We want to evaluate the direct and interconnected relationship between the artwork and the space, to transcend its physical borders by engaging with the city outside” they explain. Through experimental performances, research and exhibitions, Leap is a new and promising hybrid space for Berlin’s electronic art and performance scene.”

Exhibition space view at Leap, Image courtesy of Leap

Film stills courtesy of Reynold Reynolds: Letzter Tag der Republik (Last Day of the Republic) (2010), two channel HD video projection, transferred from 16mm, 8 min.

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