Friday, May 27, 2011

Last night in the former Feinkost gallery space, curator Aaron Moulton released An Art Newspaper.

An Art Newspaper is pleased to announce the release of its special limited edition DECADE issue giving an extensive look back at The Noughties. One thousand copies only, this special 56-page signed double issue brings to our readers an anthological survey of An Art Newspaper’s greatest hits and liveliest scripts that made the last 10 years what it was.” – Note from the Editor

Content includes articles, interviews, advertising and symbolic presence attributed to, made by, about, with or of the following: Massimiliano Gioni, Christian Jankowski, Ai Weiwei, a review of the lost 1st Tirana Biennale, Donelle Woolford, Andrew Berardini, Maurizio Cattelan, April Elizabeth Lamm, Ferran Adria, Jeff Koons, Is your Motherwell?, Vanessa Beecroft, Revealed: Who’s behind Cathedral of Shit, White Cube’s Shaman, Seminal Art: Cum and Coming of Age, Matthew Barney, Kara Walker, Martin Kippenberger, Stephen Parrino Dies Again, Clare Ros, Cy Twombly, Olafur Eliasson, Tate Namibia, David Hammons, Sarah Thornton, Chris Wiley, Damien Hirst, James Lee Byars, John Kleckner, Lorena Munoz-Alonso, Marcel Duchamp, Burger Kings, Cady Noland, Daniel Kingery, Harald Szeemann, When Platitudes Become Norm, Same Same but… Same?: New fairs in Vienna, Berlin, London and New York deemed to be the exact same fair with different names scientists conclude, Slater Bradley, Santiago Sierra, Pablo Helguera, Charles Gute, Aaron Moulton, Craig Garrett, Manifesta 10 sorts out Palestine and Israel, Jens Hoffman, Jonathan Monk, Ann Hamilton, A look inside Manzoni’s shitcan, Carsten Holler, the Eco-artists are a veritable force majeure, Art advisor splits hairs: Is it an orange or an apple?, the IKEA Scandal, Seth Price, Adam Carr, Let’s get ‘relational’ baby, Dash Snow, Francis Alys, Gelatin, the physical effects from reading Liam Gillick, Robert Smithson, a review of the Coen Bros’s film on the art world, Anna Gaskell, Tue Greenfort, Ryan Gander, Accept the Mystery, Marina Abramovic, Hollis Frampton, VIP Art Fair, Emiliano Pistacchi, Ami Barak, Curator’s Corner, The Estheticist, Oscar Tuazon, Philip Lorca-Dicorcia, Bob Nickas, Rikrit, Where’d Sunday Go?: Critics Become Crickets, Collier Shorr, Richard Prince, Something vaguely gay supported by NEA, Lift a Finger: Outsourcing in Contemporary Art, Rogue Urinals, Placebo Art Trials, Robert Shapazian, Matthew Barney, Dispersion, Franz von Stauffenberg, Tony Shafrazi and the Tehran MoCA, Ron Mueck, and much much more.

Scoops galore. A satire only reality could produce. Theory and impressionistic writing too.

Yours Truly,

Editorial Board
An Art Newspaper: Special DECADE Issue
“Embracing the futility of the medium”

What the critics are saying about An Art Newspaper: Special DECADE Issue:

“In today’s regulatory environment, it’s virtually impossible to violate rules [and] it’s impossible for a violation to go undetected, certainly not for a considerable period of time.”
– Bernie Madoff, October 2007

“Every lie creates a parallel world; the world in which it is true”
– Oliver Laric, Version, 2009


Blog Entry by Clare Ros – in Berlin; Friday, May 27, 2011.

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