“reflecting on networks / artistic strategies using the web”: Opening October 19, 2012

Faycal Baghriche - "Last Man Out" (2011-2012); video stillFaycal Baghriche – “Last Man Out” (2011-2012); video still

The rapid increase in digital technology since the 1980’s has had a radical impact on the production, experience and distribution of art. Traditional forms of art such as painting, photography, sculpture and drawing have been transformed resulting in new hybridized genres of artistic practice. No longer defined by its physical and geographic boundaries these new art forms have the ability to reach mass audiences instantaneously creating new contexts for human interfacing and the consumption of electronic cultural artifacts.

Opening on October 19th at km temporaer, reflecting on networks / artistic strategies using the web exhibits the work of eleven artists who examine and critique the opportunities and conditions for artistic activity in 21st Century. Curated by Elisa R Linn and Lennart Wolff, the emphasis for the exhibition has been placed on the social and political significance attached to the use of digital technologies, whether as a means of communication or research, an interactive platform or as a technological system. These works reflect the transformation of human experience and explore the effects that the increasing digitization of everyday existence has on popular culture.

Stefan Riebel - "Before Google Memorial" (2012)Stefan Riebel – “Before Google Memorial” (2012)

Embracing a range of distinctive perspectives and themes, the artists stimulate discussion and imagination, examining the altered perception of space through the world wide web; privacy and ownership through the everyday use of electronics; the transformation of information through search engines, social media platforms and video portals; identity constructed through the virtual world; and the interactivity between man and machines. A key element of the exhibition is the viewer’s active participation in the creation of many of the art works. Creating a unique experience for the viewer, unlike the viewing of traditional artworks, these works address questions of authorship and the relationship between art and its audience.

Exhibiting Artists include Navid Tschopp, Stefan Riebel, Fayçal Baghriche, Johannes P. Osterhoff, Aram Bartholl, Florian Kuhlmann, Karl Heinz Jeron, Sebastian Schmieg, Thomas Lindenberg, Karen Eliot and Niko Princen.

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Additional Information

Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 19, 2012; 7pm
Exhibition: Oct. 19 – Nov. 11, 2012
Kremmener Str 8a (click here for map)

Artist Talks:

Fayçal Baghriche and Navid Tschopp
Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012; 4pm

Johannes P. Osterhoff, Sebastian Schmieg and Florian Kuhlmann
Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012; 4pm


Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012; 4pm

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/146754432136619/?fref=ts

BAL “On the Road Series” Video Interview with Fayçal Baghriche:

“Time and Openness”: BAL Interview with Aram Bartholl:

Blog entry by Angela Connor in Berlin; Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012.

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