BLINK // Wood and Water: Virginia Overton’s Installations

BLINK is a series of micro-posts that will focus on individual artists. Honing in on select work or works, each post will be a fleeting snapshot of art activity from around the world, one that hopefully inspires and prompts deeper investigations.


Virginia Overton is the kind of artist who can fill a gallery with just two pieces. Either she’s that respected, or the works have that much of an impact. It may be both, but just one image of the sculptures proves it is unquestionably the latter.

Overton-Untitled (Juniperus virginiana), Untitled (hot tub)Virginia Overton – „Untitled (Juniperus virginiana)“ (2013), Eastern red cedar, 192 by 384 in. 487.7 by 975.4 cm.; Courtesy Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York

Currently on display at Mitchell-Innes & Nash in New York two installation pieces play off of one another creating unexpected harmony: an enormous wall of Eastern red cedar and an old claw-foot bathtub. The tub’s rusted exterior mimics the red of the cedar wall; a wall made from lumber from the artist’s farm in Tennessee. What at first glance appears unnatural and graphic, up-close retains its natural qualities, protruding splinters and most likely an intoxicating cedar smell. Filled with water and connected to an electric coffee maker which heats it, the bathtub’s greenish water adds an unexpected medicinal nuance to the natural, neutral space. Just the image of the two pieces, though void of the smells and sounds, presents a visual dialogue between contrasting and complimentary shapes, textures, and colors.


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Blog entry by Sarah Gretsch in Berlin; Tuesday, Apr. 2, 2013.

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