The Lost Lectures at Stattbad Berlin

Held in the basin of the swimming pool at Stattbad Berlin, the popular London lecture series The Lost Lectures made its way to Berlin last Thursday evening. The tile-filled space echoed through the night with the voices of artists, scientists, inventors, and the thump of the landing feet of Berlin-based parcore group, ParkourONE. Each lecture, followed by a question-answer session with the audience members, covered a wide range of topics from climate change to colored pigeons.


Josef Průša created wealth without money in demonstrating his 3D Printer, a tool not only for the specialists but one that could revolutionize manufacturing of everyday items–– such as expensive eyeglass frames printed for pennies. Economist Katharina Frosch showed us how we can better extract the potential in agricultural corners of metropolitan cities, through a community-based gardening initiative and Mundraub, an internet platform that enables users to share the location of fruit trees lying on common or non-farmed land so they can be tended and harvested. Prof. Björn Brembs explored the human brain, honing in on why we do and decide the things we do, while Anke Domscheit-Berg revealed a new form of open government politics. The evening’s “Secret speaker” (whose identity was not revealed until that evening) Julius von Bismarck awed us with his inventions, one which projects an image onto iconic moments immersed with picture-snapping tourists, changing both history and how much we trust our cameras. Artist and performer Peaches topped off the event by singing opera, inspiring us with her words, and walking on our hands, a trust-building exercise with the crowd.


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