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If you’ve lately lamented the lack of craftsmanship in the art of galleries today, the current show at “Hard Time Mini Mall” in San Francisco showcases an answer to your plea. The hand-stitched paintings of Chris Roberts-Antieau and other labor-intensive works of the group show are proof that art with an emphasis on craftwork still resonate in the world of contemporary art.

Chris Roberts-Antieau, Chimpanzees are Dangerous, applique quilt and hand painted frame

Hours of work and miles of discarded jeans, matchboxes, intricate chandeliers, and graffiti created with an indigenous technique of the Huichol involving colorful wool thread and a dark orange beeswax particular to Mexico, the various works created by 11 artists of “Hard Time Mini Mall” have just one thing in common–– labor. Curated by New Orlean’s Red Truck Gallery and featured at San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery, this won’t be your usual gallery opening or art exhibit.

Owner of Red Truck Gallery, Noah Antieau, has an affinity for artists working with unconventional methods, stemming perhaps from a childhood spent among craft fairs with his mother, the very same self-taught textile artist of the work shown above. In keeping with this premise, Red Truck Gallery is a traveling gallery characteristic of a no frills art attitude (they serve whiskey in red plastic cups at their booths at fancy art fairs from Miami to New York). The gallery showcases the work of folk, outsider, visionary, and self-taught artists–– offering a breath of fresh air for those with headaches from the balloons filled with light, magnets, and projectors on show in galleries today.


Additional Information

“Hard Time Mini Mall” – Group Show
Exhibition: April 15 – May 4, 2013
886 Geary Street
San Francisco, California
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Red Truck Gallery New Orleans


Blog entry by Sarah Gretsch in Berlin; Sunday, Apr. 21, 2013.

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