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The works of Jose Romussi are a form of artistic intervention that combine a particular craft with a repurposed image. With a strong background in embroidery, Romussi creates works with thread that bear a distinct duality between old and new, production and hand-made. The process involves a base layer––a found or photographed two-dimensional image––overlaid with geometric forms, letters, or animals that appear out of the lines of colorful thread. For each work, Romussi chooses a discriminate color combination and creates shapes that add a stark contrast to the black and white photograph and stillness of the posed subject underneath.

Romussi : DANCE
Jose Romussi – „Untitled (DANCE Series)“ (2012), Embroidery on photo; Courtesy of the artist

The old photographs of dancers are an especially strong representation of this duality, as the creation of something new and personal over the old. Strings weave in and out creating distinctive forms out of a mere couple of lines, adding new life to fluffy skirts, tangles of bodily form, and playful bursts of color that shoot out of hands and ears. The dancers once frozen in their black and white images, in rigid poses, enter a new life of impulsive shapes, movement, and color. Though the process of sewing onto delicate photos is presumably intricate, the result has an effortless spontaneity, as though the thread simply appeared and was always meant for this context.

Additional Information

Jose Romussi was born in Chile where he studied landscape design. Over the past few years he has gained a significant following for his screen prints and collages in which he combines vintage black and white photographs with colorful forms of embroidery. Romussi currently lives and work in Berlin, and is represented by THE PROJECT ROOM in Chicago, USA.

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Blog entry by Sarah Gretsch in Berlin; Thursday, May. 9, 2013.

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