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BLINK is a series of micro-posts that will focus on individual artists. Honing in on select work or works, each post will be a fleeting snapshot of art activity from around the world, one that hopefully inspires and prompts deeper investigations.

Matthias Heidrich, "Untitled" UAE series (2013)Matthias Heidrich, “Untitled” UAE series (2013)

Matthias Heiderich, born in Munich and now living in Berlin is a self-taught photographer. Starting in 2008 he bought his first camera and began his voyage into photography. His first project in 2010, Color Berlin, portrays the urban landscape of the German capital in an almost graphic aesthetic of vibrant colours. His passion towards architectural photography continues as his primary subject, although his attention has travelled to other cities in Spain and the United Arab Emirates. His project UAE has highlighted this feeling of isolation and loneliness in the urban landscapes as well as giving sculptural significance to architectural constructions.

Matthias Heiderich - "Untitled", UAE series (2013)Matthias Heiderich – “Untitled”, UAE series (2013)


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Blog entry by Alexandra Borras in Berlin; Sunday, Jun. 09, 2013.


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