Announcement // ‘Anatomy of a Fairy Tale’: Andreas Greiner Monograph

Article by Julianne Cordray in Berlin // Saturday, Jun. 25, 2016

The recently published ‘Anatomy of a Fairy Tale’ is the first comprehensive monograph on the hybrid science-art, photosculptural work of artist Andreas Greiner. In collaboration with living organisms and natural phenomena such as bioluminescent algae, bacteria and insects, Greiner’s work stages time-based, performative actions captured through integrative sculptural and photographic processes. His living, transient works and scientific images are presented and discussed in depth and from multiple perspectives through extensive visual content interspersed with texts by art and science historians, philosophers and curators. In addition to theoretical texts, literary interventions engage with various aspects of Greiner’s intersections of art and science, further reflecting on and building associations initiated by his work. The book, like Greiner’s practice, fosters interdisciplinary connections to consider evolving relationships between human and non-human, natural and artificial within our contemporary environment.


Andreas Greiner: ‘Anatomy of a Fairy Tale’, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst

The monograph is published by Verlag für moderne Kunst and is presented in two versions: one for commercial sale and one special edition limited to 100 copies. The special edition features a textile cover, infused with micro-organisms to cultivate unique patterns co-designed by nature and Greiner’s experimental methods. Captured and suspended in time, abstract splashes of color in varying gradations have been fixed by a process of sterilizationpreventing further transformation while producing an individualized record of the transitory structures of nature.


Andreas Greiner: ‘Anatomy of a Fairy Tale’, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst


Andreas Greiner: ‘Anatomy of a Fairy Tale’, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst

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For more information on how to purchase ‘Anatomy of a Fairy Tale’, please click here.

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