Open Call // Camp Solong 2017 in Ekenäs, Finland

Article in Berlin // Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This year, Camp Solong—initiated by Berlin-based artists Dafna Maimon and Ethan Hayes-Chute—will take place in the forest of Ekenäs, Finland for the weekend of July 14–17th, 2017 (Friday 10 AM to Monday 10 AM)

Camp Solong is looking for six campers to join the summer camp. This could be anyone (adult) who would like to have an immersive and playful experience & adventure, or a unique 3-day break from daily life.


The central theme for the camp program is the universal task of saying “goodbye”, with a particular focus on letting go of a stagnant sense of self. Anyone interested in rehearsing and further exploring the process of “farewells”, “personal reset” and “seriously playful introspection” would be an ideal participant for the camp.

Starting in June, the camp headquarters will be located at the exhibition space Sinne/Pro Artibus in Helsinki, and the camp itself will be built on location in Ekenäs. All campers will have their own bunk-bed in the camp structure, complete with a personal shelf. Food and entertainment will be provided. There will be a 3-day program, built from Maimon and Hayes-Chute’s respective performative practices.

Camp Solong breaks down the borders between experience, process and end result. The camp is set up to create and cater to a collaborative experience and experiment, functioning as a playful temporary micro-community.

The completed application (requirements listed at the link below) can be sent to

Application Info
Deadline: Jun. 19, 2017

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