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Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo

by Emily McDermott // June 28, 2019
It’s hotter inside than outside at this time of year, especially in artist Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo’s sunny third-floor Kreuzberg studio. Floating through the window from…[read on]

Mirrors and Windows: An Interview with Alec Soth

Interview by Emily McDermott // Apr. 09, 2019
Following what he calls a “full-on mystical experience” in 2016 in Helsinki, photographer Alec Soth pressed pause on his familiar routine of traveling, giving talks, hosting workshops and taking photographs[read on]

Exhibition // MONSTER: An Interview with Jannis Varelas


Article by Emily McDermott in Athens // Jun. 22, 2017
In an exhibition of new works, Greek artist Jannis Varelas presses the pause button to focus on intimate, in-between moments of daily life. Alongside three paintings, the four videos in the exhibition—entitled…[read on]