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Exhibition // ‘Total Records’ at C/O Berlin

Article by Candice Nembhard in Berlin // Feb. 18, 2017
Total Records is an exhibition of classic and lesser known album covers from the 20th century at C/O Berlin. Abbey Road, The Velvet Underground and Lovesexy are a selection of the 500 album covers…[read on]

COLLABORATION // An Interview with Peaches

Interview by Arielle Bier, Photos by Alexander Coggin – in Berlin; Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015.

The inimitable Peaches strikes again! The transgressive cult queen of electro-clash made waves in Berlin this summer with a fierce appearance at the YOSISSY! Festival, revelling in the one of her favorite home bases before re-igniting the flame under her vajazzled bodysuit…[read on…]