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Body // Berlin Movers: An Interview with 2008daughters

Berlin Art Link

Interview by Ruth Amelung // Apr. 04, 2016
I am sitting in a typical Kreuzberg café, white tiled with a wooden, slightly industrial interior flair. It’s just before noon on a grey Wednesday, but it isn’t very busy. An americano in front of me, I’m waiting[read on]

FASHION // An Interview with Tigran Avetisyan

Interview by TL Andrews – in Berlin; Friday, Jan. 08, 2016.

The fashion world is not exactly known for its profound reflections on the human condition. Most of the industry can at best be described as superficial, exploitative of women, and destructive to the environment and workers in developing countries. There are, however, a few voices crying out in the wilderness, drawing attention to…[read on…]

Kandis Williams

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Kandis Williams
by Elizabeth Feder // Aug. 7, 2012
When exploring Kandis Williams; studio, one is struck by the incongruous balance between the pensive balance between the pensive quality…[read on]

The Affordable Art Fair: Art for Everyone!

The premise: Art for Everyone!

Founded in 1999 in London by Will Ramsay, the aim was to make contemporary art accessible to everyone, and to show you don’t need to be an art expert or a millionaire to enjoy and buy art….

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TRANSALPINO: Made In Between

Blog entry by Clare Ros – in Berlin; Friday, June 24, 2011.

Transalpino 2011 explores the complex landscape of production places between the two capitals of design, Milan and Berlin. On their journey from one to the other city, nine Berlin based designers were visiting different companies and manufactures, which represent a certain region, its culture and tradition. Within the one-year project the aim was to develop product ideas that mix up the potentials from different regions and, as a result, stand for the landscape of production in between Milan and Berlin.
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