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Exhibition // Obsessive Sensing at LEAP

Berlin Art Link Discover, Art Work by Ralf Baecker; courtesy of LEAP

Blog post by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2014.

Computers and technology have obviously become more accessible than its original creators and proponents could have imagined. The reach of technology is important to LEAP’s newest show, Obsessive Sensing, with many installation pieces created using technical methods rather than traditional artistic academic skills. Each piece intrigues, from controversial lie detection software to hallucinating algorithms and neural networks. …[read on…]

Exhibition // Discussing Utopia: “new atlantis” at km temporaer

Berlin Art Link Review, New Atlantis, Art work by Anne De Vries

Article by Jazmina Figueroa – in Berlin; Friday, Sep. 13, 2013.

Modern utopian structures depend on technological developments to get closer to a perceived notion of the ideal society. In futuristic examples of a utopia, society is united by the idea of progress through technological advancement. In the current exhibition new atlantis at km temporaer the artists highlight specific technologies that originate from utopian…[read on…]