Dhaka Art Summit 2016: The new contemporary art hub for South Asia

The Dhaka Art Summit is a contemporary art hub for South East Asia. In 2016, the Summit included a modern art exhibition, several curated group shows, an architecture show, and more. The solo section demonstrated works by artists in the region, including Ayesha Sultana’s work ‘Space Between Things’, that incorporated commercial materials such as metal and glass, and was meant to be navigated spatially, in relation to the human body.

Rachel Valdés: ‘Composición Infinita’ at ARCO 2016

At ARCOmadrid, Galerie Crone Berlin showcased the work of seven young contemporary artists from Cuba. Poised at a historical turning point, the country has recently become more accessible to a wider international audience with the easing of the embargo. In this new political climate, Galerie Crone stepped forward to provide a platform in Europe for emerging Cuban artists. One of these artists, Rachel Valdes Camejo (1990, Havana), exhibited her dynamic piece Composición Infinita at ARCO 2016. The synaesthetic installation was a playful confluence of projected, coloured light on the walls of a stainless steel, mirror-clad room. The environment created by Valdes had an effect of a repetitive, infinite space and provokes a range of responses. We spoke to the artist about her work at ARCOmadrid 2016 and one of its most crucial components: the public.

Interview: A Moment With Waqas Khan at Galerie Krinzinger

Waqas Khan‘s work is a meditative pause in the present moment, taking the form of a series of highly precise yet organic patterns composed of dots or lines. Khan's works are unexpectedly site-specific and so much more than they appear at first glance: they need to be seen from multiple scales and on different registers to reveal various patterns and discontinuities. The result of the work is less the presentation of ink on paper drawings so much as the construction of a moment, a pause, a much-needed silence. Berlin Art Link spoke to Khan about his 2015 exhibition, 'Acoustics of Life / Parterre' and his artistic practice.

‘The Quality of All Details’: An interview with Sergei Tchoban

Architect and founder of Mitte's Museum for Architectural Drawing Sergei Tchoban sat down with Berlin Art Link to talk about some of his iconic completed works in Berlin and abroad, and the importance of detail and process exploration to his architectural oeuvre.

The Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing was opened in 2013 in the Pfefferberg complex, where it stands in dialogue with the former industrial buildings now housing Olafur Eliasson's studio and the Architekturforum Aedes. Crucial to Sergei Tchoban's practice is the integration of new architectural elements amidst historical buildings. Over the years, he has become adept at tailoring his new facades to communicate with their older neighbours.

Dhaka Art Summit 2014

From February 7–9, 2014, the 2nd edition of the Dhaka Art Summit featured 5 exhibitions curated by local and international curators, 14 solo art projects, a city-wide public art project by internationally acclaimed Raqs Media Collective, screenings of experimental films, performances, and presentations by 33 local and international galleries including over 250 artists from across the South Asian Region.

Aurora 2013: Light of Convergence

Aurora 2013 celebrated the theme “Light of Convergence” in October with over 90 international artists presenting art works across a span of 19 city blocks. Light, sound, performance and video art, as well live music, food trucks, and pop-up bars transformed the Dallas Art District into an immersive art space. The iconic architecture of the Wyly Theater served as a projection screen for Aurora 2013′s featured art installation “Blueprints and Perspectives” by the art collective 3_Search, a forest of LED bulbs was created for Audiopixel’s installation “Arbor Borealis”, and Shane Pennington’s “Points of Life” presented an awe-inspiring stage-curtain made from a programmable grid of LED lights, combined with a live music performance by Jazz vocalist Kally Price, accordionist Dan Cantrell and double bassist Daniel Fabricant. These and many more interactive works explored the dialectic and convergence between the individual and communal consciousness. With over 40,000 attendees at the free and public event, Aurora 2013 was widely successful in illuminating its audience with conversation and exchange of ideas.

Julius von Bismarck: Conceived Connections

Julius von Bismarck is a young conceptual artist currently based in Berlin. He took Berlin Art Link on an introspective journey into the Locarno region as he explains the motivations behind his work.

Emptying flags: Public installations by artist Sonja Hornung across Berlin

‘Emptying flags’ by artist Sonja Hornung ran over a period of several months in 2013. Public space played a central role in this exhibition project, insofar as the artist uses her work to bring into focus concepts of statehood and the significance of territorial spaces. Using installation and public intervention, Sonja Hornung attempted to approach a representation of a borderless political space. In the process, the artist annexed used and unused flagpoles within the city, hoisting flags that have no meaning whatsoever. Ordinarily, flags carry cultural, religious, ethnic or ideological messages. Loaded with historical and geographical significance, they are symbols of domination and power, predetermining identity, including some and excluding others. Sonja Hornung (*1987) is a Melbourne-born artist with an installation-based practice who uses public space to redefine the relation between humans and their environment.

Exhibition ‘Shroud’ by Jodie Carey at the Anatomical Theater in Berlin

‘Shroud’ was organized by Neue Berliner Räume and presented by Neue Berliner Räume, Galerie Rolando Anselmi and Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Berlin Art Link interviewed artist Jodie Carey about her exhibition, "Shroud" at the Anatomical Theater in Berlin.

Art Dubai 2012

Art Dubai, the leading international art fair in the MENASA (Middle East/North Africa/South Asia), has become a cornerstone of the region’s booming contemporary art community. In 2012, Art Dubai welcomed 22,500 visitors – including 75 international museums groups – and hosted 75 galleries from 32 countries.

In the video, Savita Apte (Director, Art Dubai), Marc Spiegler (Director, Art Basel), Kourosh Nouri (Owner, Carbon 12 Gallery) and James Clar (Artist, New York) give insight into 2013's fair and surrounding events.