Esther Perbandt & Marco Pho Grassi, Jan. 18–23, 2011


Esther Perbandt Show: January 21, 2011; 6:00pm at the Nhow Hotel

Esther Perbandt’s new show is a collaboration with the Italian painter and artist, Marco Pho Grassi. Berlin-based DJane duo “Sick Girls” will compose the music for the show.

Showroom: You can see and order the collection during Berlin Fashion Week at the “collect showroom” of Arne Eberle, L40 House, Linienstraße 40, Berlin (Click here for map).

Additionally the Esther Perbandt shop in Berlin Mitte is now housing one of the biggest art pieces of the French, Berlin-based artist Jaybo Monk.

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Marco Pho Grassi, painting from Tele series.

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