The Unseen Colours of Werner Bischof

Werner Bischof: 'Model with Rose,' 1939,
by Annalisa Giacinti // May 9, 2023
The exhibition ‘Unseen Colour’ is currently showing at the LAC cultural centre of MASI Lugano, and it’s presenting newly discovered colour works by Swiss photographer Werner Bischof…[read on]

Defaced: Ulrich Gebert at Klemm’s

by Matteo Calla // Apr. 4, 2023
The radical premise behind ‘Eigenface’—Ulrich Gebert’s latest show at Klemm’s Berlin—is that computer vision sees the face as an artist does, that is, aesthetically…[read on]

Darren Bader’s Capitalist Realism

by Dagmara Genda // Mar. 21, 2023
In Darren Bader’s current show ‘fünfdreier’ at Société Berlin, the realisation of the five instruction-based works in the exhibition are in large part dependent on…[read on]