How to Blossom in Berlin

Giant fake flowers pinned to a gallery ceiling and framed photos on the walls
by An Paenhuysen // May 24, 2022
Petrit Halilaj slips into one of the two costumes lying on the floor. Suddenly, there is a big fuzzy creature with a bushy tail and a mask-like band of black around its eyes standing in…[read on]

The Faux Reality of Andy Kassier

A man in white trousers and pink pullover walking into a shop whose windows have been covered with adhesive vinyl with the words "read that twice" on it
by Alice O’Brien // May 17, 2022
Sharp, small, but sweet, ‘read that twice’ is a layered and ironic assessment of the modern-day value system. Though limited in size, it possesses the potential to leave each visitor with…[read on]