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Exhibition // Accidental Accomplishments: Experiments with Space and Time.

Berlin Art Link article, Fabian Knecht, Institut für Raumexperimente

Article by Alexandra Borras – in Berlin; Tuesday, Jul. 23, 2013.

The opening at Institut für Raumexperimente presented a series of experiments by students who have participated in the last semester of Professor Olafur Eliasson´s class. The institute has a purpose to re-invent the educational strategies of art studies. Supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin and affiliated with…[read on…]

Exhibition // Melissa Steckbauer and The Architectonics of Love

Melissa Steckbauer, "Timi" (2013), cut paper, 84 x 126 cm; courtesy of Liebkrank Galerie

Article by Alexandra Borras – in Berlin; Wednesday, Jul. 03, 2013.

In her exhibition at the Liebkranz Galerie, Melissa Steckbauer‘s new works show noticeable development and a shift in style. Her previous works consisted mainly of paintings that possessed a certain rawness, often depicting…[read on…]

Exhibition // Tobias Becker’s Abstract Geography

Tobias Becker "Felsen" (2013), concrete and acrylic paint, 40 x 50 x 50 cm; photo: Alex Marcus, courtesy of Galerie Hunchentoot

Article by Alexandra Borras, photos by Alex Marcus – in Berlin; Tuesday, Jul. 02, 2013.

Tobias Becker returns to Berlin with a series of maps, conceptual representations of how the world might exist when breaking with convention. Until the 24th August we will have the opportunity to view his solo exhibition Eines Tages at Galerie Hunchentoot. This new project will be focused on temporality and how…[read on…]

BLINK // Mariah Robertson’s Unconventional Photography

Mariah Robertson - “Untitled” (2010), Unique color print on metalic paper, 142 x 203 cm; courtesy of American Contemporary Gallery

Blog Post by Alexandra Borras – in Berlin; Sunday, Jun. 30, 2013.

Mariah Robertson is an artist based in New York who mainly focuses on photography in a very unconventional manner. A toxic working space, the dark room, is where the artist spends most of her time creating her unusual photographic prints. Different objects are mounted over the metallic paper…[read on…]

BLINK // Matthias Heiderich, Architectural Landscapes

Matthias Heidrich, "Untitled" UAE series (2013)

Blog post by Alexandra Borras – in Berlin; Sunday, Jun. 09, 2013.

Matthias Heiderich, born in Munich and now living in Berlin is a self-taught photographer. Starting in 2008 he bought his first camera and started his voyage into photography. His first project, in 2010 Color Berlin portrays the urban landscape of the German capital in an almost graphic aesthetic of…[read on…]